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How to get involved.

The alliance for arts in education board has years of experience in arts programming, education through the arts, and community engagement.  Volunteering through the alliance is always welcomed.  Feel free to reach out and be part of something great.

Meet our Board

Our board is comprised of several volunteer professionals with a background in the arts.


Mota Costa



Patrick McCaffrey



Patty Jubinska

Board member

Steven Pennell

Board member

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Volunteer Opportunities

Support the Arts in Education

Reach out to ensure our mission that the children of Rhode Island experience meaningful arts education in their communities.

Annual Exhibition

Volunteers can assist annually with our exhibition showcasing students in performing and visual arts.

Become a Sponsor


Donate now to the alliance.  Support the arts in education throughout the state and ensure that our children's achievements are celebrated, and help us to fund arts integration in schools. Click the donate button at the top of this page.

Serving our children, and our community through arts education.

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Want to become a volunteer? Contact us

Thanks for your help!

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